About us

BTS Telecom (UK) Ltd is a fastest growing specialized telecom company, delivering business phone lines, business mobiles, business broadband and cloud business phone (IP-BX) systems. It also offers intercity dark fibre, International IPLC connectivity and premium grade global calling services.

BTS Mobile is a mobile service built exclusively for the UK business market, designed to deliver improved coverage for voice and data. With BTS Mobile your device will empower, not hinder your ability to conduct business. We understand that the future is all about data – so we provide our business customers with access to and most reliable mobile data service in the UK

BTS Telecom’s services are supported by a world-class infrastructure and technical expertise. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced capabilities while helping to free up their resources to focus on core strategic issues.

We immerse ourselves in the world of technology to bring the latest innovations in unified communications. From cloud solutions to features design to enhance productivity, there is always something new to look forward to from BTS Telecom.